TypeMatrix 2030 Ergonomic Keyboard

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Quick Overview

TypeMatrix offers the only balanced ergonomic keyboards that reduce the motions known to cause Repetitive Strain Injury. By solving ergonomic issues without the use of bulky contouring, TypeMatrix keyboards deliver all the functions of a standard keyboard in one small, sleek and logical package that easily fits in a standard briefcase or laptop bag.

· Prevents typing injuries
· Reduces or eliminates existing typing symptoms
· 90% of users get complete or significant reduction of pain
· Switchable to Dvorak layout (50% less finger travel)
· Promotes centered positioning and ease of use
· Designed for professions requiring extended typing use (programmers, writers, clerical, etc.)

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2 year manufacturer warranty.

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Product Description

Hardware features
Matrix Architecture Straight vertical key columns increase typing accuracy.
Large Shift Keys Accuracy is increased and stressful wrist motions are reduced.
Large CenterEnter and CenterBackspace Keys Accessibility by strongest index finger is increased while stressful motions by weaker fingers are decreased.
Close Mouse Location Minimal reach for mouse reduces arm and shoulder stress.
Enhanced NumPad Overlay Enhanced NumPad Overlay.
Dvorak Key The one-touch key switch to "Dvorak" enables 50% less finger motion.

Original Typewriter Design

The first commercial QWERTY typewriter was invented in 1872, before ergonomics was of any concern. This layout was adopted as industry standard and has survived virtually unchanged into the 21st century.

Staggered Columns

Forces unbalanced motions that strain fingers, hands and wrists.

Vertical Columns

Reduces motions that cause Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Usability Features
· Comprehensive Ergonomic Design The TypeMatrix 2030 keyboard significantly reduces the motions known to cause typing injuries.
· Sleek, Lightweight, and Portable Short footprint allows keyboard and mouse to fit in keyboard trays. Light weight and sturdy structure promotes portability.
· Thin Profile Promotes Neutral Wrist Posture Narrow, compact design keeps wrists relaxed with nominal strain.
· High-Quality Key Touch Membrane technology with "double-scissor" substrate producing smooth, quiet, responsive touch.

Ergonomic study Download Typematrix ergonomic study.


Color Silver
Dimensions 324x133x12.7mm
Operating system Windows, Mac OS, Unix/Sun OS
Hotkeys compatibility Windows, Mac OS, Unix/Sun OS
Guarantee 2 years