Ergorest Forearm Support

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Quick Overview

The Ergorest Forearm Support is designed to comfortably maintain your forearm and avoid tension and fatigue of the arm, neck and shoulder during an entire workday. It is both robust and very sensitive to all the movements of your arm. The Forearm Support is easily adaptable to your body and desk due to the two available arm lengths, two pad and clamp sizes.

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Product Description

The Ergorest Forearm Support offers exquisite comfort and support while assuring highly accurate movements. It supports your forearms to alleviate tension and fatigue of the arm, shoulder and neck. It is adjustable in height with a range of 75 mm and manufactured with lightweight and robust materials of superior quality. The upper hinge pivots 360 degrees to follow all movements. It adapts to your body with two available arm lengths and two pad sizes that you can choose from.

· Fully articulated support. The Ergorest Forearm Support has 3 joints to follow your arm in all movements with strong support and smoothness.
· Comfortable. Its height is adjustable, with a range of 75 mm to keep your arm to the desired height. Your forearm rests on the pad and moves without effort thanks to the smooth joints.
· Tailored to your needs. Choose from a standard or long arm depending on your size, and between a standard or long pad depending on the support you are looking for.
· No contact with the edge of the desk. Your forearms rests on the pad and does not rub against the desk. It is maintained at the preset height and rests on a comfortable surface.
· Adapted to your desk. Choose between standard or long clamp depending on the thickness of your desktop. It keeps your Ergorest Forearm Support firmly to your desk without damaging it.
· Composition. The materials are chosen for their lightness and durability. Manufacturing and finishing are of superior quality.

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Color Black
Guarantee 2 years