Ergonomic mouse

Among products designed in the USA, the Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, China or New Zealand, Zenlap selects for you the best ergonomic mice and vertical mice in the world.

Ergonomic keyboard

In order to prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI), ergonomic keyboards allow you to change positions often whilst working comfortably. The Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard is a split ergonomic keyboard whose 2 modules are not fully dissociable but adjustable in no time without requiring any accessory. The ergonomic keyboard Typematrix revolutionizes the keys display to optimize finger movements (available in American Dvorak, French Bépo, English Colemak, English Workman and Swedish Svorak). Most ergonomic Goldtouch and Typematrix keyboards are available at Zenlap in American Qwerty, British Qwerty, French Azerty, German Qwertz, Spanish, Swedish and Russian Qwerty layouts, for Mac and PC.

Laptop stand

With a fully adjustable, lightweight, aluminum frame, the Lapmate laptop stand is a great portable laptop stand that will enable you to relax while using your computer almost anywhere, including on your sofa or bed. The Deskmate is its portable equivalent for a desk.

Workstation Accessories

Maintaining your body in optimum working position is a key element in ergonomics. Document holders, ergonomic forearm support, wrist rest and foot rest offer premium support and comfort.


Percko is the first ergonomic shirt designed to support and keep your back in a straight and natural position. It aims to align head, thorax and pelvis, giving the spine its natural curves while increasing stability and posture of its user.

Zenlap specializes in online sales of ergonomic products for desktop and laptop. Each product of the range has been selected for its quality, usability and responds to a specific need or use. Ergonomics aims to promote comfort and efficiency by providing products tailored to the human body. The items sold on this website are designed to make computer work more agreeable, and prevent fatigue, stress or injuries related to the intensive use of computers at home or in the office. The laptop stand is fully adjustable thanks to its inclinable laptop tray holder. It combines a laptop stand bed to work in a lying position with a laptop stand sofa to work in sitting position. The ergonomic mouse offers you with superior comfort by providing your hand with a natural position. The ergonomic keyboard combines comfort and efficiency thanks to numerous innovations. Many other ergonomic items are available. Feel free to contact us with your questions or comments.